Resources for Visual Storytelling


I’ve put together a host of resources open to those interested in visual storytelling in this google drive folder.  There are several cheatsheets, and a whole folder of examples of visual storytelling — both the good and the bad.  

I have also included two guides from Beth Kirby, who makes a living off of her instagram page: her 10 Instagram Secret Weapons — many of which are tools I use every day to create my stories; and her guide to instagram growth. Her focus is on personal branding and business, and her voice is definitely not for everyone, but I thought they may be of interest to some folks. 

I've greatly enjoyed following Iz Harris's weekly video tips on her YouTube channel, and think you might find them useful, too. 

You may also find this report by journalist and researcher Ayesha Shakya interesting: over the course of several months she interviewed dozens of social media editors, influencers, and content makers (including me!)  about what worked and what didn't on Instagram stories. Her findings are very interesting and concisely presented on her website. 

As always, if you have questions, or see a great example you want to share with me, feel free to email me at erinclare [dot] brown [at]